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About us

Bülow Clinic was founded by Eva Bülow in 2010 in Stockholm and expanded a couple of years later to Tortola, one of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. We work with health-related issues, primarily with a focus on weight loss.

We work with health related issues, mainly focusing on a sustainable weight loss. We treat people all over the world by coaching clients through The Bülow Program.


Over the years Bülow Clinic has coached over a 1000+ clients through the Bülow Program. The success rate, numbers of people reaching their goals, are as showed on the picture below.

If you are interested in joining the program, you can easily book your first coaching with Eva Bülow here. However, if your aim is to inspire others, it is also possible to book Eva for lectures here.

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Benefits Far Beyond Fat Loss


While weight and fat loss are the primary reasons hundreds of clients come to us, many experience drastic improvements and even total elimination of a multitude of health conditions:

100% Diabetes (primarily diabetes II) 

100% Fibromyalgia

100% Gout

100% IBS

99% Cholesterol

97% Allergies

97% Heart Disease

95% Joint Pains

95% Eczemas

95% Crohns Disease

90% High blood pressure

90% Migraine

High% Psoriasis

Weight loss
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