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The Bülow Program
Books - knowledge about the Bülow program


The Bülow Program consists of three segments. The first part, which can vary in length depending on the clients needs, extend over 23, 30 or 40 days. This segment is a permanent adjustment of the body weight to its ideal weight. During this phase the client follows a strict food schedule where food intake amounts to a maximum of 500 calories per day. Without feeling any hunger and without any meal replacements substances. 


This is a challenge under any circumstances. You may well wonder how one can survive on an intake as low as 500 kcal/day without feeling any hunger? Let us explain:

First and formost, you as a client have a coach that you talk to every day during this phase of the Bülow Program.

Furthermore our bodies have a structure consisting of three kinds of fat and you need to focus on getting rid of the "right" fat.

The different kinds of fat are as follows;


A). First we have our normal fat reserves / subcutaneous fat which is evenly distributed over the entire body.


B). Then we have the structural fat, that is found between the organs, the tendons and the muscles that also builds the facial features as well as our hands and feet. 


C). The third fat is called the unnatural fat / problem fat / some call it love handles. It is found around the waist, hips, arms, back etc.. This fat gets locked in by the body, and when we diet in traditional ways, we first lose our normal fat reserves. Secondly we lose the structural fat and finally something happens with the “problem fat”. That is why people who have dieted a lot, look gaunt. When you do Bülow Program you only lose the “problem fat”.


During the program, exercise it limited to walking for one hour a day.


Now comes an interesting detail. Bülow Clinics use of something called energy medicine or quantum medicine. A form of medicine that works with  the frequencies of HCG and not with synthetic chemicals. The frequency of the substance HCG that is available in the pellets that clients receive during Phase 1 causes the body to release abnormal fat.


We are all born with this substance in our bodies, but it leaves our bodies for different reasons. This substance releases the “problem fat” which converts to energy, equivalent to between 2000-4000 kcal a day, depending on the degree of overweight. The result is that you lose on average 0.6-1.2 pounds per day. This without feeling any hunger as 1.2 lbs converts to 4500 kcal. 


In Sweden, for exemple, the use and knowledge of frequency medicine is a fairly unknown concept. But in other countries like Switzerland and Germany it's different. In Germany alone there are over 5500 physicians that work in this segment.

After going through the rigid part in Phase 1 we coach our client into the next segment. In Phase 2 we start adding different foods to their diet, other than “fast carbohydrates”.

Inside our brain we have something called the hypothalamus. When doing this Program in Phase 1 your hypothalamus gets time off for 23-40 days.


Afterwards, in Phase 2, we “reinstall” the hypothalamus to what it was before you gained weight. Amongst other things, the hypothalamus regulates our fat deposits and our metabolism. Over the years it gets “overtaxed” for different reasons, such as eating fast food, processed food, eating irregularly, skipping meals, sleeping poorly and all the chemicals and pollution we are exposed to.


Phase 2 extends over six weeks. The procedure in Phase 2 is to stabilize the hypothalamus that now is a little unstable, and it needs this time to stabilize.


We repeat, in both Phase 1 and Phase 2 the client has their own personal coach to talk to everyday in Phase 1 and ones a week in Phase 2. If the client feels the need for more coaching during Phase 2, that is possible.

The third part of the Program consists of guidelines for how to eat for the rest of your life. This is described in my latest book “Eat for Your Life”. Something we seldom hear of, is the significance of keeping our body as alkaline as possible. We can easily measure our pH with a litmus paper.

When the body is acid, it can’t repair itself properly. Anaerobic bacteria thrive and can even get cancerous. But in an alkaline environment they can’t survive. If you combine the food in a pensive way, you will help keep your body as healthy and alkaline as possible.

Those who have gone through the Program and followed the guidelines in the book, have all maintained their new weight.

As a bonus people have been relieved of diabetes, fibromyalgia, psoriasis , high blood pressure, aches and pains, gout, migraine and eczemas and different heart conditions. For them, having their health restored, is priceless.


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