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Our favorite subject… How come we know so little of what different foods do in our bodies?

Food is really our medicine. Our goal is to educate everyone who is really interested in their own health. Eva Bülow decided when she was in her teens, like 14/15 years young, to always be healthy and never be an old crone… Well, that’s an enterprise of its own and she has worked on, and educated herself in this topic for over 30 years.


Her advice is as follows:

Number 1: Always eat fruit on an empty stomach.

We know that most people eat it after a meal, but always, always eat it on an empty stomach and always fresh. Preferably in the morning…

Why? Because it is almost ”already digested” and wants to leave your stomach in 15-30 minutes. It gets digested in your small intestine together with the saliva, not in your stomach.

If you’ve already eaten an appetizer, and a main course, the fruit that you have as a dessert will not be able to leave your stomach in 15 minutes because you have all this other food blocking the way to the small intestine. That means that all the food starts to ferment and putrify.


Number 2: Don’t combine animal proteins with carbohydrates in the same meal.

Why? Because different juices digest proteins and carbohydrates.
The protein is digested by the hydrochloric acid in your stomach and the starch is digested by alkaline juices.

And when an alkaline juice meets an hydrochloric acid, they neutralize each other and nothing gets digested properly. Eventually the proteins start to putrefy and the starches begin to ferment. That’s why people feel bloated after eating.

Number 3: Try to eat as organically as you possibly can. Organic food has 5-6 times more nutrients than the regular fresh produce in your store.


Number 4: Eat real fats, as in cold pressed olive oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, butter. Don’t touch the so called vegetable oils. They are gene modified and refined to death! Which means that all the nutrients are gone…

Number 5: When eating sugar, avoid ALL artificial sugars such as aspartame, HFCS, sucrose, sucralose and agave syrup. Though agave syrup comes from the agave plant it has about 90 % fructose which is even higher in fructose than HFCS=high fructose corn siryp. Then it is better to stick to organic cane sugar, raw honey, xylitol or Stevia.

For more information regarding food, go to Evas book Eat for Your Life >


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