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Our prices for Bülow Program include:


Our price includes:

Individual coaching during Phase 1 by either

a)  Phone

b)  Text/SMS

c)  Mail

d)  The book "Eat For Your Life" by Eva Bülow is included in the Bülow Program.

The coaching is an education about how your body functions. If you follow the guidelines you will not gain weight again. Prices are for the time being. Price can vary between countries. 

Phase 1 for 23 days + Phase 2  6 weeks: 1700 €*
Phase 1 for 30 days + Phase 2  6 weeks: 2000 €*
Phase 1 for 40 days + Phase 2  6 weeks: 3000 €*

Installment payments can be arranged.*


Included in the price after Phase 1 is also:

1. Coaching once a week for six more weeks during the Phase 2 of the program.

2. Phase 3, which is the rest of your life, you are welcome to email us any question you might have and we will help you.


By comparison, we can mention that a gastric bypass operation costs around 10 000 € or more. And most likely you will have to go through with another operation after the bypass to remove excess skin. Another cost in the range of 3 000 -15 000 €. This is not needed after the Bülow Program.

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