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Energy medicine, frequency medicine or quantum medicine look upon the human being as an energy being. Every living being has an energy field around itself. This field is like a network. Through this network the body’s cells are communicating with one another and the world all around.

Each cell, which is about 60-100 trillion cells, every organ and tissue in the body, has its own frequency patterns. Thoughts and feelings as well have their own patterns.

If the energy is blocked and the frequencies are sinking in different organs and cells, the whole body will be affected. We get an imbalance in the body and thus get physical or psychic symptoms. Unhealed infections hinder the cell communication and if not corrected on an energy level a chronic disease will occur.

Energy medicine works in restoring the cell communication so the dangerous substances can leave the body and the self-healing of the body is stimulated and restored.

Energy medicine looks upon the human being holistically. Every organ has its own vibration frequency (oscillations). Your thoughts and feelings have their own frequencies as well. That’s why it’s important to have “happy thoughts”. They raise the vibrations in your whole body.

Frequency medicine is based on 50 years of research in Germany (Paul Smith) and in the US. All matter emits energy waves that can be measured. This applies to all the cells, tissues, parasites, bacteria, viruses, moulds and organs in our body.

Every little thing has its own frequency. Frequency medicine is based on quantum physics which more than a century ago replaced the mechanical Newtonian paradigm. According to the quantum physic or biophysical paradigm, the human body is primarily energy. The transmission of the signals is not primarily chemical, but electromagnetic.

quantum/energy medicine
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