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retreat tortola

A retreat for a detox and weight-loss experience out of the ordinary. Bülow Clinic welcomes you to a two week stay on the beautiful island of Tortola.


This will be a detox and weight-loss experience out of the ordinary as you visit the Caribbean island Tortola while exploring a healthier lifestyle. During these two week you will stay at the Frenchman’s Cay Hotel. Eva Bülow and her partners will make sure that you are comfortable and Eva will personally be your coach during these two weeks. 


You will learn to listen to your body, get detoxed and get a kick-start on the second part of the Bülow Program. All this in the surroundings of crystal blue water and sandy beaches in the sun. The island is full of opportunities. You can swim with dolphins, visit the ecological gardens, go scuba diving, sailing and much more. Daily lectures about health is of course also on the menu together with cocking classes and other activities, sometimes at the Frenchman’s but also out on excursions to other islands close to Tortola.

To be able to participate on the retreat you need to have done Phase 1 of the Bülow Program. You travel to Tortola on your first day in Phase 2 and continue the program on the island accompanied by Eva. This offer is however one of our more exclusive ones, which is why there are only a few places available.


Do come and join us for two wonderful weeks in the warm beautiful Caribbean. Get detoxed, lose weight and learn how to keep healthy and slimmer for the rest of your life.


This is a life changer!

Hurricane Irma

Unfortunately, we have to announce that the Bülow Clinic at Tortola in the Caribbean cannot receive any retreat guests for some additional time due to Hurricane Irma. The island was so severely damaged, roads, bridges, buildings, communications are still not fully rebuilt, including the hotel we cooperate with.

This is an enormous catastrophe for the entire Caribbean world. But the rebuilding is moving forward and we will announce as soon as we can open again. 

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