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A basket full of locally grown fruits!

Today I was invited to my good friend Federica here on the island. She and her husband has an organic farm and something called “Food Lab”. There she is experimenting cooking the most delicious raw, vegan dishes.

I was treated with a “tagliatelle” à la vegan raw style. It was one of the most delicious dishes I have ever eaten!

The tagliatelle was made from the coconut jelly. That is when the coconut is fresh. The consistency is like jelly.

She blends it so it’s like a smoothie together with a little juice from turmeric, pinch of sea salt, pinch of black pepper to enhance the turmeric, lemon zest and some of the lemon juice.

Then she smears it thinly on a sheet and puts it into a raw food dehydrator. Everything is dried on a very low temperature, no more than +42°C/+107,6°F. Preferably around +35°C/+95°F. It will probably take around12-15 hours to dry. Don’t forget to turn it around after 6-7 hours.

You can look at this little video if you are interested in a dehydrator.

Together with the tagliatelle we had freshly made pesto and some fresh edible flowers and fresh herbs. Instead of Parmesan she had made fermented nuts that actually tasted like cheese! Fascinating what you can do with food! The options are endless!!

In October we are planning on having courses in how to “cook” raw foods and I’m holding lectures in food combing

On my way home I got a basket full of organic fruits! What a gift!

Tomorrow I will take a fruit day since it’s a lot of fruits! Papaya, mangoes, avocados (avocado is a fruit), pineapple, passion fruits, lemons, limes and star fruit.

Can’t wait until tomorrow!

How does it get any better than that?

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