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Making money on people’s ignorance.

What do I mean with that?

I mean that everywhere now there’s information, information and information. What and whom to trust?

The only one you can trust really, is yourself. I always give my clients or patients a little tool they can use in every area.

That is: Do you get light or heavy from the information? No matter if you are listening to a TV program, reading a book or listening to someone.

Feeling “light” means that your energy expands and that in turn means that it is true for you and your body. If you on the other hand feel “heavy”, it is your body telling you it is not true for you and your body.

Just because 100 people have the same opinion and you don’t, doesn’t mean they are right and you are wrong. That is called consensus.

Always listen to yourself! That is why I’m writing my third book. It is going to be called “Are you just alive – or are you Living?”

Here comes an extract from the book (and yes, I always start by writing every page by hand):

“When you wake up in the morning you have normally charged your nerve energy by 100%.

The same goes for your mobile that you have charged over night. It has 100% battery in the morning.

Then you decide which telephone calls you will waste the battery on. Right? Sometimes you have 30% left in the evening, sometimes 5%, depending on how many calls you wasted the battery on during the day.

Same thing goes for the body. If you combine animal proteins like meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, cheese together with fast carbs like potato, rice, pasta, bread or sugar in the same meal, maybe it will take 80 % of the body’s energy to try to digest it. And it will still not get digested properly…

The animal protein will start to rot and the carbs will start to ferment. Now the body only have 20 % energy left to the trillion things it does every day like producing 30-60 billions of new cells every day, removing 30-60 billions of old cells, making hormones, cleansing the blood, making new pathways in the brain, you name it.

But when you start combining food the way the body wants you to do, it will reverse. So digesting the foods we eat that are combined the right way, will only take a little energy from the body, since it is the same juices that are at work. So now it will only take 20 % to break down the food instead of 80 %. Suddenly the body now has 80 % to do all the trillion things it needs to do every day instead of only 20 % which it has had for maybe decades!

Think of it as if you have a pile of papers that you have to go through during the day in the office. When the clock shows 5 pm you want to go home. You just have a little bunch left of the pile of papers so you say to yourself that you will do them the next day. But the next day you get the same amount of papers again and when the time is 5 pm again, it is time to go home. And this goes on and on every day…

The result is that you get a bigger and bigger pile of papers even though you are going through the ones you get every day.

The same applies to your body. If you don’t have enough energy left in the body, the debris piles up in your body. For some people for decades…and eventually you have created a disease…”


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