July 4, 2017

What about them? They actually are the foundation to every synthetic pill on earth. Why is that? Because Big Pharma can’t patent them, so they make a synthetic copy that they can patent! Nowadays you have one pill for every symptom! When I went to nurse school the USP was ¼ of the ones of today.

We have everything we need in nature. But you don’t earn any big money from that.


Isn’t the whole idea of being a doctor to help cure the patient? Help them get well?

In China a doctor is only paid if he can avoid an illness…

Actually, it’s been found out that the body heals itself up to 80%. NOBODY than the body can heal itself! We just have to give the body what is lacking…


In my garden I grow, Comfrey, St. John’s Worth, Golden Seal, Maiden apple, Sour sop, Bread fruit/nuts, Papaya, Sugar Apple, Coconuts, Black wattle, Information bush, Basil, Lemon grass, Rosemary, Thyme, Guava leaves, lemon grass, limes and lemons. They aIl have their own special properties.


Comfrey = is good for prostate cancer and high blood pressure. I’ve met people on the island that actually healed their prostate cancer from it. Boil water and steep it in a teapot.


St. John’s Worth = calms the nerves, regulates high blood pressure, been shown to reverse prostate cancer, enhances circulation in the body and helps if you have diarrhea. Boil water and steep it in a teapot.


Golden Seal = also helps if you have diarrhea, cleanses the blood, problems with enlarged prostate. Boil water and steep it in a teapot.


Maiden apple = cleanses the blood.


Sour sop = any kind of cancers, if you have any kind of headaches; put leaves on your head and then put a hat on, sleep, and in the morning it will be gone. (Old Caribbean cure)


Breadfruit/breadnuts = make a tea from the leaves and drink it. Good for high blood pressure.


Papaya + seeds = good for your bowels if you are constipated, cleanses the bowels and reduce high blood pressure.


Coconut water = good for poor circulation. The coconut water has the same electrolytes as your blood, which is a good thing. If you for any reason can’t breastfeed; give your baby coconut water!! It’s as close to the mother’s milk as you can get.


Black wattle = helps with gas and fever. Boil water and steep it in a teapot.


Information bush = good to drink after any kind of surgery and helps with any kind of “information”.


Basil = gets rid of the superfluous salt in your body. Drink basil tea.


Lemon grass = is also called fever grass. Helps with erection problems. Apparently works every time! Ha-ha!


Rosemary = this is food for the brain. Good for Alzheimer patients, circulation and for erectile problems too.


Thyme = helps to move your bowels, cleanses the blood. Then we have something called French thyme, which is good for fevers and colds.


Lime and lemon peel = very good for colds and fevers. Steep the peel in a teapot and drink it.


Guava leaves = good for colds as well.


All the best to you all out there!! 




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