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Are you a sufferer of UTI?

Most women I know have problems with UTIs from time to time in their lives, including myself. I’ve had it since I was 15 years young and it is very debilitating.

Peeing blood and barbwire… It’s sooo painful and you feel awful! You get fevers and chills and you want to pee all the time but nothing happens. Worst-case scenario, the infection travels to your kidneys.

I have searched and searched and searched for 50 years to find something natural that actually works and now I’ve found 2!

One is a kind of sugar, called D-Mannose, (can you believe that?) and the other is activated charcoal.

1) D-MANNOSE is a kind of sugar that is found in cranberries, but you have to drink a whole lot to get high doses. What it does is to “coat” the walls of the bladder and the urethra, like a Teflon skillet. This makes it impossible for the bacteria to attach to the walls, thus being washed out with the urine and it doesn't interfere with the blood sugar either, so it’s safe for diabetics. As well, it doesn’t interfere with the micro biome in the intestines. And it works!

Here come different doses for children and adults:

For treatments of UTIs:

Take 1-2 teaspoons (about 2-4 grams) for adults and ½ -1 teaspoons for children dissolved in a glass of water and repeated every 2-3 hours. Continue tor 2-3 days after the symptoms have disappeared.

For preventing recurring infections:

Start with the dosages listed above for treatment, and then gradually reduce the dose to 1 teaspoon a day.

For prevention of pre-and-post-intercourse UTIs:

Take 1 tbsp. D-Mannose1 hour before intercourse and another tbsp. immediately afterwards. Then I would take a maintenance dose of 1 teaspoon x 3 for a couple of days to be on the safe side.

2) ACTIVATED CHARCOAL has been around for thousands of years and been used for a lot of things.

I can’t explain why it works; only that it does.

You can as well do poultices if you get bitten or having an ulcer.

A girl with all the symptoms and hurting abdomen was given 1 heaping tablespoon of charcoal in a glass of water and drunk it immediately followed by another glass of only water. Within 11/2 hours the pain was gone and by the following day the symptoms and urge to pee all the time was gone. She drinks a little everyday now and it hasn’t recurred. J How does it get any better than that?

You can use charcoal for a lot of things! Like:

Sore throats,

Upset stomachs,




Crohn’s disease,

For pains!

Being poisoned


Whitening your teeth,


Skin diseases,


Perfect for pregnancy vomiting,

Sweeten your breath,

Charcoal enema for bleeding bowels,

Swollen feet,

1 tablespoon of activated charcoal powder can adsorb (I have not spelled it wronglyJ) the amount of bacteria that would cover a whole tennis court. You can also use capsules if you prefer. 1 tbsp. = 14 capsules.

You will find a lot more in my new book “Are you just alive - or are you living?”, being released next spring.

If you want to know more about D-Mannose and charcoal you can visit these websites:

To your health!!

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