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CONTEMPORARY MYTHS - MYTH #1 “You need a BIG breakfast to take you through the morning”

Nothing could be further from the truth actually. As a matter of fact it’s detrimental for you if you tend to eat what most people eat. What do most people eat?

In the Western hemisphere breakfast most likely consists of: coffee or tea, orange juice (from a bottle), yoghurt, muesli, some berries or fruits in it, a croissant, toast with cheese, marmalade, ham and maybe some eggs as well.

Let’s break this down. Coffee or tea fine. Orange juice from a bottle comes from concentrate, which makes the body very acidic. Yoghurt mixed with muesli is protein and carbohydrates together.

Fruits and berries in the yoghurt spoil it all. Bottom line is that mixing a lot of “foodstuff” in the same meal is very energy depleting.

Why is that? Because it takes a lot of energy to try to break down the breakfast that won’t be broken down properly anyhow. When we wake up in the morning we have charged our body’s energy during the night. Let’s say it’s 100%. The same thing you do with your mobile, you charge it during the night and in the morning it has 100% battery. During the day you decide which telephone calls you will waste the battery on. Sometimes you have 5% left in the evening and sometimes you have 45% left in the evening.

Same thing goes for your body. When you combine the food the wrong way according to the body, you waste a lot of energy.

BUT if you eat only fresh fruits in the morning you hardly interfere with the process. The fruits start to be broken down in the mouth and it continues in the stomach for between 20-40 minutes, then it leaves the stomach. So do not go and exercise/train in the morning on a heavy BIG mixed breakfast. You will feel heavy and exhausted as your metabolism tries to break down the food.

Conclusion: Either you fast until lunchtime or you can eat a fruit salad in the morning.

To your health!

Eva 😍

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