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Time to service your body.

I am here at the Bülow Clinic at Tortola. What a wonderful place I must say. It is my third visit to the island and after this time I have made friends as well. Being with Eva Bülow here also means that you meet a lot of interesting local people. One thing that we have noticed is that the awareness about organic foods has increased the last few years. But as everybody agrees on is that since most of the food being imported from the US….you'd better grow your own food. The produce from the US are genetically modified, sprayed with all kind of pesticide and God knows what else. Better to buy things grown on the island.

What you see in the basket in the picture is our locally organic fruits we have for breakfast. Can you fell it? The rich taste. It is different from what you can buy in the normal supermarket! We can use the bananas as an example. These are small and rather insignificant compared with what you see in the shops normally. But the flavor…wow! Now I know what bananas really taste like. It is such a big difference when you start to taste all the different kind of fruits, both the scent and the taste. Same thing with the vegetables and the spices. Eva has her own little corner of the jungle where she grows all sorts of things. Seeing her chopping away with the machete at the dry banana leafs, well that is something else!

Now, remember to take care of your health, it's your biggest wealth. I find it fascinating when I talk to people about their health that they don't really get it. To make sure that the car is well serviced, has the right specific oil, clean filters and so on, that is ok to spend a lot of money on. A car that you keep for 3-10 years... But the most important "machine" we have that processes around 70 metric tons of different foods in a lifetime, our bodies, we expect it to run for 80-100 years without service?!?! If you go through the Bülow Program your body will run so much smoother and you will loose weight, if that is what you also need. Time to service your body! Contact your service station: Bülow Clinic – Book a consultation.

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