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CONTEMPORARY MYTHS - MYTH # 2 ”You have to drink a lot of cow milk to get calcium!”

How many times haven’t you been told how vital it is to drink milk? To get strong bones…? Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are actually the only specie that starts to drink another specie’s milk when we are weaned off our mother’s milk, all in the name of strong bones! The countries with the highest osteoporosis=brittle bones and skeleton, are actually the countries that consume the most milk. That is; the Scandinavian countries and the US.

When we are born, we are born with 2 enzymes that break down the milk sugar called lactose and the protein called casein. These enzymes are called lactase and renin. When we are between 3-5 years young the production of these enzymes stops. Why? Because we are not supposed to drink any more milk!

Casein is furthermore the biggest content in the production of glue… You can imagine what happens in our intestines…

Milk is very acid producing in our bodies. Since the body strives towards being alkaline and not acidic it neutralizes the acid with alkaline minerals. And guess what? It uses calcium to neutralize the acid, because calcium is an alkaline mineral!

So instead of gaining calcium by drinking cow milk, you actually get rid of your calcium in your body.

Think of it; where does the cow get her calcium? Human milk? Eating other animals? No! The cow eats grass and gets the calcium from that.

The best sources regarding calcium come from: Dark leafy green vegetables, Brazil nuts, almonds, garlic, Chia seeds, flax seeds, unrefined sesame seeds, basil, parsley and thyme.

And another important thing regarding milk is that it is pasteurized and homogenized. That means that the “living” milk is heated up to 170° C (338°F) “to get rid of bacteria”. So now the milk is dead instead. On top of that the homogenization process smashes the fat particles so it can travel in and out of the blood vessel walls, which is a precursor to “the hardening of the arteries”.

We should never give milk to cats and hedgehogs, so one may wonder why it is fit for human consumption?

To your health!



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