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I’m sorry I haven’t written earlier in the month, but it has its reasons.

We all probably know by now about the 2 hurricanes Irma and Maria destroyed many of the Caribbean Islands. In exactly 2 weeks apart, on Wednesdays, the islands got hit with category 5 hurricanes.

The devastation is immense. These lush green islands with their beauty are all looking like a nuclear bomb hit them… Not one leaf left. Not to mention that 90% of all boats were destroyed, 80% of peoples house ripped apart… They have nowhere to live…

I used to live on one of them…

My clinic is shredded to splinters, roads are torn apart, the sewers blocked so the sewer water runs o n the ground instead of under the ground. The stench is horrible.

I can just imagine all the mosquitos hatching…no ACs, no electricity, no running clear water, no wind at all.

Marshal law is reining, curfew from 8 pm-6 am. Royal Marines helping the island and have the right to shoot… It’s a war zone…

It’s interesting to watch were life is tossing us all. What choices are we making from it?

Are we staying calm or frustrated? Angry? Sad? Feeling helpless or are we making the best out of the situation? We are not smarter than the universe, and it will be interesting to see what good comes out of it.

Because the worse it looks, the better it gets in the end J (whatever that might be.) Hopefully better-built houses, electricity cables running underground instead of over ground to mention a few things.

What can we think about in these devastating times concerning our health?

Well, there maybe not much to do but trying to survive…

It seems a little superficial and a luxury problem to talk about different MYTHS in these deer times. What people need is a roof on their houses, water, food and clothes right now. So I will cover that later.

U.K. is sending help to the BVI and Richard Branson has set up a fund that goes directly to the islanders. There are more funds out there to help, but people don’t seem to be too keen on that… It’s in the time of need we see who really cares.

The link here goes to our own relief fund:

“How does it get any better than this? And what else is possible?”

To your health and heart,


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