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Have you ever heard of colloidal silver?

I’ve been using it every day since I got back from the Caribbean in August. Normally when I come back to Europe, I get sick. It’s because of the different bacterial flora in different parts of the world.

This time around I tested Colloidal Silver.

I take 2 tbsp. in the morning and hold it in the mouth for a minute. It’s really a miracle that something so simple is good for almost everything!

On top of that my skin becomes like sand paper grade 1 when in Sweden.

I found a lotion called “Silverlotion” and after using it for 3 days only, my skin became soft again!

Here comes a little selection of what it can do for us:

1. Getting rid of UTI by drinking 2 tbsp. morning and night

2. Helps healing wounds

3. Helps itching when having chickenpox or shingles.

4. Foot fungus. Put a gauze soaked in colloidal silver and keep it over night

5. Spray it in your throat and nose when you feel a cold coming on

6. Candida in the vagina. Either put a cotton ball soaked in the colloidal silver or/and spray it morning and night. 7. Ulcerous colitis. Take a big glass of water and add 1 tbsp. of colloidal silver. Drink it quickly. Then it will reach the intestines quicker than if you just take 1 tbsp. in the mouth and then swallowing it.

7. Malaria

8. Eyes, ears. Drop it in the eyes or ears. The pain goes away as well as the inflammation.

9. Skin conditions like eczema. Spray your skin twice a day and let it dry.

10. Acne

11. Rosacea

12. Psoriasis; spray the areas twice a day. If it’s really bad, take gauze and soak it in the CS and let it sit on the affected area during the night.

13. Influenzas; to prevent them take 2 tbsp. a day, every day. It will only kill the bacteria, viruses and fungi that is too much.

14. Winter vomiting disease

15. And many, many more!

What is a colloid?

It is infinite small particles of ions of silver in a solution, normally in water. They form a chemical compound with the hydrogen and oxygen that the water consists of.

A silver ion is a silver atom that has lost one electron and thus is converted into a positive charge.

When manufacturing the solution, distilled water is used by reverse osmosis.

When buying any colloidal solution, the standard is 10 ppm. That means that there is 10 mg of pure silver ions per 1 qt/liter. Translated into something more understandable is that every cubic millimetre of the solution contains several billions of silver ions.

The silver ions neutralize fungi, virus, bacteria and also one-cell parasites.

Nowadays our soil is depleted of silver, which wasn’t the case a decade ago. To reach as far down into the intestines, take a tbsp. of colloidal silver in a glass of water and drink it as quickly as possible. That is better than only taking 1 tbsp. in the mouth. It helps to take away bad bacteria in the intestines.

If you take 6 tsp. a day, it will take you over 80 years to consume 10 grams of silver. That is 0.1 gram of silver per year. Interesting, isn’t it?

In Sweden a laboratory study was conducted by a company called “Ion Silver”, that showed the elimination of MRSA; (Meticillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), between 4-8 minutes!

Here are some links if you are interested in delving into the colloidal world!

To your health!

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