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January 28, 2020

Now I have had my company Bülow Clinic for 10 years. Over these years I have experienced some amazing things happening to my patients/clients. Some have been patients with a lot of symptoms, diagnosis and medications. Others just wanted to loose the “right” kind of fat, which is the fat that sits in the places it didn’t sit from the beginning.


When I say it’s so much more than a mere weight loss program, I’m not kidding.


It’s really a detox on every level. Body, mind and spirit wise. I will give you some examples of what I’m talking about.


1. One lady came to a weight she hadn’t been on for 20 years. I talk to my clients/patients every weekday and this particularly morning she said to me: - Do you know what happened this morning?


I said: - No, I don’t.


She said: - When I went to the bathroom this morning and peed, the urine was dark brown and reeked of medicine!

I said: - That’s interesting! Why do you think that happened?

She said: - 20 years ago I was lying on my deathbed, no one thought I was going to survive and the doctors pumped me full with medications.


She peed dark brown for a week and then it came back to normal. Every cell in our bodies has a cell memory and when the body came back to that weight it could release the toxins from her body.


2. Another lady came to the weight she had when she divorced. So one morning when I called her she just cried. I asked her if this was the weight she had had when she divorced her husband, and she fell silent.


Then she said: - Yes, but I have been in therapy and educated myself into a counselor to deal with it. I thought I was over it.


I said: - There are so many layers to go through and you weren’t through them all. To get the rest out of your system, throw cushions, pound the cushions, sit in the car and scream or go into nature and scream where nobody can hear you. Do this for a couple of days and it will disappear. After three days it was gone.


3. One man had severe back pains and had operated his back three times. Nothing really made it better. He went on my program because he had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I told him that his back would probably be ok too, but first he was going to feel worse. He didn’t believe me. Thank God I told him that. J After 10 days he had such pain in the back that he could hardly move and sleep. It lasted for 1 week and then the pain stopped, for good. He could hardly believe it. His blood pressure and cholesterol levels became normal as well.


Since I talk to my clients/patients every weekday and we text each other over the weekends, I coach them in every area that they need. They will as well get an education of how their body functions.


The more curious you are, the more questions you ask, the more you will learn. But some people only want 5% of what I know so far, and others want 100% of what I know. So I don’t push my knowledge on people that hadn’t asked for it. That is an unkindness in my world.


These are just some small examples of what happens when people go on the Bülow Program and it makes every day a miracle in my life to be able to help people to a healthier better life.


Your health is your wealth!  If you don’t have your health it doesn’t matter how wealthy you are. You can’t enjoy the things in life that you want. So invest in your health and wellbeing is my sincere advice to you.



All my love,



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