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Now is the time for a new blog and contemplation.

Today is the first day of our total lockdown here in the BVI and it’s also the first day of the rest of our life. What are you going to do with this opportunity?

For me it’s not so different from my normal day-to-day life, but for most people it’s a huge difference. Suddenly they have all the time in the world… What will they do with it?

Some will park themselves in the sofa in front of the TV with a big bowl of popcorn or crisps, waiting to be programmed.

Others will go bananas, feeling like climbing the walls, because suddenly they’ve got a lot of time to kill, and they can’t do what they normally do, and they will feel confronted by having to be with themselves or with family 24/7.

I just love it. The silence, the stillness when the world stops, is so soothing. It’s like you almost can touch it. Not to mention the healing of Mother Earth…

Only the waves crushing against the shores, some birds singing, crickets chirping in the evening and Mozart’s piano concertos all day.

What strikes me is the inspiration and creativity that suddenly floods the system, and that on the first day. Can you imagine what each and everyone has access to? And will have everyday for quite some time?

When people start to relax, creativity comes running. Never ever has anyone experienced anything like this, until now.

Make the most of it! Ask yourself what’s important in your life. Ask if there’s something you can do for others even if it’s just a telephone call. Read the book you never had time to read, paint or draw a picture, clean the house, sit in the sun every day for a while to get some vitamin-D, get rest, go to bed earlier and wake up refreshed. Challenge yourself!!

We were never meant to be little slaves running around in the rat race called living.

I call it existing.

For most people, the longest journey is from their brain to their heart.

How long is your journey?

And so this shall pass as everything else.


All my love,


#Health #evabulow

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