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What does it take to be on the Bülow Program?

You have already taken the first step; you have taken action by asking yourself if you are ready. But it also takes determination and a willingness to change your life style into something that contribute to your overall heal

Bülow Program

You don’t have to forsake a lot of things that you like, to reach your goals.

There is nothing that is forbidden to eat, eventually. We will together find out how your body functions, how your body reacts to different food items. We are all individuals so don’t compare yourself with others.

Remember - You can eat everything, but not always.

If you feel that you are willing to commit, you’ll most likely be ready to be coached by us.

Final step is our interview with you and if that is positive you will be coached every day for

23, 30 or 40 days in a row. And then once a week for 6 week until you feel confident on your own.

We are as committed as you are in your success. How does it get any better than that?

Do you recognize any of these symptoms below?

Impossible to lose weight no matter what? • Unnaturally easy to gain weight? Feeling faint? Heartburn? Headache? High blood pressure? Diabetes? Crohn’s disease, IBS or ulcerous colitis? Had a gastric bypass operation? Fibromyalgia? Gastritis? Uneasiness of any kind? Pain in your joints? Pain in your muscles? Gout? Psoriasis? Snoring?

Then you and your body are in need of a ”reset”.

If you recognize any of this bullet points, then you and your body are in need of a ”reset”.

Take action and contact us today!



Love Eva

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