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Sleeping properly is one of the best things you can do for your health. How come? First of all, our brain consists of more than 1 liter/quart of blood. During our sleep, and only between 23-24 pm, the blood leaves the back of the brain to be purified in the liver. If we are physically or mentally active during this time, our body miss out on this. The liver doesn’t get enough blood to function properly and the blood sits in the back of the head and will not be cleansed, as it should. Growth hormones peak at 23.00 h = 11 pm. IF you are asleep.

During this time our oxygen levels drop by 8 % and our “deep sleep” is 3 times deeper than the deep sleep after midnight. The only time our growth hormones are released is during this time. In order for this to happen we need to go to bed around 10 pm. When we miss out on this deep sleep over time, our body gets overtired. When we are tired our brain can’t receive enough water, oxygen or amino acids and our immunity diminishes and our body is less likely to defend itself from bacteria, viruses and other microbes. And the less sleep you get, the fatter you become! Because it also impairs the body’s ability to use insulin properly…

Have you ever heard about melatonin and serotonin? Melatonin is our “sleep hormone” and serotonin is our “wake-up” hormone.

According to the Nurses Study 2006, the less melatonin we make during the night, the more likely it is that our cells (that actually should die and be replaced) will live beyond their natural life span and thus can become cancerous…

Melatonin also triggers a nocturnal reduction of our body’s estrogen levels. If we have any night-light on, our melatonin levels drop and our estrogen levels won’t diminish, which is bad for estrogen dominant cancers like breast cancers amongst others.

To cut it short; any sliver of light disrupts the production of melatonin.

So throw out your mobile phone and your clock from your bedroom! And have some heavy curtains that blocks the light completely.

By constantly being exposed to light during nighttime, the light turns off the production of melatonin, thus promoting tumor growth. Even if you don’t fall asleep immediately you’ll get 90 % of the benefit of sleep just lying there with your eyes closed.

If you have a sleep problem, it’s:

1) either your body clock that is out of sync with the circadian rhythm, or

2) you have too much toxins in your body, or

3) you have been eating too late before bedtime, or

4) you have been eating very heavy food wrongly combined. So, don’t eat 4 hours before going to bed.

It’s important to wake up at approximately the same time in the morning. Why?

Because if you wake up too late, which is after 6-7am, your waste in your body backs up in your system. This goes for your fecal matter that backs up in your colon, your urine backs up into your kidneys and the sweat into your skin.

That is why it’s vital to take a shower in the morning. Otherwise the debris from your sweat will re-enter your skin and enter into your lymph system and your blood stream.

When you sleep late at night, or wake up too late in the morning, your liver is unable to remove toxins from your blood.

The serotonin, your “wake-up” hormone, is produced when the daylight comes and has its peak at noontime, orif you workout or eat sugar! That’s why you shouldn’t workout or eat sugar in the evening.

Interestingly enough the serotonin is manufactured in the digestive system by 95%, and only 5 % in the brain. Maybe now we can understand the importance of eating well…?

As daylight diminishes, your serotonin is automatically broken down into melatonin.


To your health, Eva

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