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What is HCG?

HCG is the abbreviation of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone that the body produces when pregnant. It cannot be stressed enough that it is NOT a sex hormone. It has no stimulating effect whatsoever on normally developed sex-glands. No amounts of HCG can have any effect on normal sex function. Only improve an abnormal one. It’s action in the body of men, women and children are the same. It can never virilise a woman and never feminize a man.

When a woman gets pregnant she produces around 1 million IU of HCG each day. It is well known that an obese woman’s best chance to lose weight is to become pregnant. The fetus takes the nutrients out of the unnatural fat of the mother. This is why babies in the third world have fairly the same birth weight, even though the mother is underweight. Since the middle of last century, HCG has been used in clinics all over the world to help people lose the “right” kind of fat. The fat that sits in the places were it didn’t sit from the beginning. It actually moves the fat around in the body.


As it is too good and has no side effects it poses a threat to Big Pharma. For that reason the FDAs of the world has forbidden it for the use of fat reduction. That is why we at Bülow Clinic use energy medicine, the frequencies of HCG. It works in the same way. We have been using it for more than soon 5 years with the same results. When being on the Bülow Program it is vital to follow it diligently. You have to do exactly what we say you have to do, otherwise it’s a waste of your money and our time and you wouldn’t get the same results.

HCG only puts the abnormal fat into circulation and cannot release normal fat deposits.




What happens on the program is that your body releases the abnormal fat. It gets “unlocked”. This is what HCG does. You get your own shape back so to speak. Your skin becomes fresh and turgid and you wont get any hanging skin either.

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