About Eva Bülow


Who am I? I’m a registered nurse since 50 years by now. One may wonder why I do what I do? It actually started with my mother. She suffered all her life from a bad stomach. She reacted with her stomach because it was her weakest link in her body. Every person has a weakest link in his or her body.


I was always a very curious child and person. I always asked questions. One of my teachers had migraines from time to time and when he came into the classroom during those days he slammed his hand in the desk and said: “Today you all shut up and Eva don’t ask any questions!!”


When I was like 14-15 years young I decided that I was always going to be healthy and never be an old nagging crone.


After that I have continued to educate myself. When I don’t talk, I read.


I’ve read hundreds of books regarding natural health, quantum physics, psychology etc. and I’ve tested everything on myself first. I’m the biggest guinea pig out there.

By now it’s over 40 years of education and I will continue doing that until I die.

I believe in taking the best from all worlds. In my ideal world all medical professions should work together in harmony to heal the patient. But unfortunately that isn’t the case, yet.


Big pHarma isn’t interested in that concept… First they create customers/patients and then they present the “solution” in form of allopathic synthetic pills.


I started Bülow Clinic 13 years ago, in 2010. I’ve helped, coached, thousands of people by now to get their health and figure back in a natural way. Doing the Bülow Program resets your metabolism, the body can heal itself from a lot of symptoms as I mentioned earlier in the book.


Body, mind and spirit make up the whole of us. If one of them is out of balance, the whole body is out of balance. To follow each individual on his or hers journey is magical. There’s nothing more rewarding than to see how they thrive afterwards.


For me, having my health and faculties intact and helping people to feel the same, is the most important in my life. This year I turned 70 years and I’ve never felt better!


To your health,



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Eva Bulow

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