In less than 3 months with Eva I’ve lost a total of 15 kg! I am lighter, fitter, stronger and most importantly, healthy. With the help of Eva I’m able to curb my appetite and finally make real progress towards my weight loss. My main problem was snacking and eating poorly during weekends. The daily phone calls with Eva helped with giving new idea and education for making better choices for my diet and helped to stay motivated to lose weight. Best thing I have done for myself and self-esteem / health. Eva is full of personality, very attentive, knowledgeable and so sweet. I would not choose any other place.

Thank you for making me feel better than ever!


l’ve had Crohn’s disease since 1995. l’ve just had a remission, though I have had an operation, and the doctors wanted to give me very strong medication by IV with strong side effects. For me it felt totally wrong … As it so happened I was referred to Eva.

With the right food l’m not just relieved of pain, l’m relieved of all my medication as well. After another MRI and after completing the Program, the doctors determined there was no inflammation in my small intestinel In less than a week on the Program, I gave up all painkillers and I felt so much more energetic! I could move my joints and muscles without pain. It was an unbelivable feeling!

I never felt hungry on Phase 1 and my portions are smaller overall these days. It has been a fantastic joumey to feel once again as I felt before my illness began. And as a bonus I lost a lot of weight in 30 days. I will always cherish the amazing knowledge that l’ve acquired during this program. There hasn’t been a single day that I haven’t gotten a phonecall, text message or e-mail from Eva.

That ‘s what I call service and caringl

Thank you, Margit


l’m 65+ years and have tried many different methods to try to lose weight. What a journey Eva started me on! I had to eat as much as I wanted for 2 daysl After that I got clear instructions about what to eat and when to eat.

And, not to mention, her BOOK. Her book, “Eat For Your Life” describes what happens in the body when you eat. It was a pleasure to weigh myself every morning and see the weight disappear. It felt very safe after numerous diets to finally find something that really worked. Now I know how my body works and how I can eat, and nothing is forbidden. I reached my end goal, 30 lbs less. I got all the support from my family who can see the difference in both my figure and my overall feeling.

Thank you for the inspiration, guidance and support You are always there for me il I have any questions.

Sincerely, Gunilla


My name is Bengt. l’m 75 years old and have always believed that there are possibilities to change my way of living, it I choose. The last 20 years l’ve been very overweight. As a result I couldn’t move as before. I found this method when googling on the web.

l’ve tried to lose weight before, but always failed. When I started I weighed 235 lbs. After following Eva’s instructions every day, I now weigh 194 lbs, 41 lbs less. And my trousers are 4,0 inches too big. lt’s fantastic, I feel like a completely new person. My weight stays between 194-196 lbs. All my vitals and bloodwork are now pertect as well. My doctor was amazed and wondered what I had done. I can really recommend this program.


We are a very sporty family and I have participated in over 20 different races, like Vasaloppet, Marathon and I have been a football trainer. Yes, we have all been “a family on the move”. Earlier this year I became 70 “springs” and had gained a lot of weight over the years. My scale showed 207 lbs. Then I got this fabulous birthday present from my 2 boys-a “3 week game with Eva’s method”. A liberation from the prison of fat and toxins in my body. Eva and her colleagues have a liberating power to transform everything into action-with the parole that “everything is possible”. After 3 weeks of contact everyday, my scale showed185 lbs, and my whole body vibrated in flamboyant salsa rythms, again.

The sun rose with a new glow and our gigs were even better than before. On top of that, my granchildren have found a “new-kid power” grandpa. It is now over 3 months since I finished the “three-weeks game”, magically vanishing the lard and it’s incrediblel My weight stays between 185-186 lbs. My former pain in my back, which was the result of moving discs and nerve ends being trapped, is gonel So If you want a sensational new Life – contact Eva. Then you will be able to dance and play as you’ve never done before!

All my love, Hasse, musician & teacher.


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"Day to day coaching was the big difference for me"


"The Bulow Program is comprehensive, it's not just about weight loss"


"Day to day coaching was the big difference for me"


"The Bulow Program is comprehensive, it's not just about weight loss"

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